The Bossy Creations Story

Through our vision of highlighting the earth’s natural colors, we curate the best modern wedding gift boxes that deliver the quality and glamour your wedding deserves.

Our Mission

To spark joy and delight customers with our creations.

It all began...

How We Started

Bossy Creations was formed from humble beginnings in 2020. Our founder harnessed her previous business expertise and paired it with a laptop, Wi-Fi, and a dose of passion to get Bossy Creations off the ground. A creative journey kickstarted then.

Merging know-how and enthusiasm, we carved a clear vision for what we wanted to create while filling gaps in the current bridal market. We’ve exclusively specialized in wedding gift boxes since 2021 and have continued to see
year-over-year improvement.

After only one year in business, our wedding gift sets have been a part of weddings in over 10 different countries.

Our founder’s desire and drive to create something meaningful in her life and in the lives of those around her propelled Bossy Creations forward into the intentional brand you see today.


A word from Odra

We all need more joy in our lives, and it’s my mission to create products that give your heart and soul a spark. My name is Odra, and I’m the founder of Bossy Creations.

I like to think of Bossy Creations as a one-stop shop for celebrating your big day.

From bridesmaid proposal gifts to bridal thank-you boxes and meaningful wedding party favors, it’s all a part of creating a memorable experience for your loved ones.

Everything we do is done with intention and love. We curate every box by hand, too!

Supporting Bossy Creations means you’re supporting a woman-run, Latina-owned business that cares just as much about your wedding as you do.

So, thank you so much for being here, and thank you for being part of our story!


With Love